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What we feed our pets matters

Our pets depend on us to provide a balanced diet needed for a strong, healthy and long life. Knowing every ingredient, where the ingredients come from, how the food is made and packaged, and more... this is all important and so difficult to know for sure.

Love Grub was founded by Gary and Angie Rexroad with a mission to make an exceptional, small-batch food, and make it available in the Lawrence, KS area. We have designed the recipes, and take great care with the ingredients and the process to assure only the best food finds its way to your best friend.

Love Grub Dog Food and Ridiculously Healthy Treats are completely unique on the store shelf in a plain white or brown Kraft bag. Simple packaging means recyclable materials and a lower cost to keep the planet green - and your wallet, too.


Our Products



No corn. No wheat. No soy.

What's in the bag matters. And what's NOT in the bag matters. Our chicken and rice formula contains no corn, wheat, or soy, and is full of intentional ingredients meant to best sustain your BFF during all of their life stages.

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ridiculously healthy treats

All natural ingredients. GMO free. Amazing benefits.

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Wonderful quality food. My show dogs love it and have done amazing on it.
Best customer service ever!!
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What does it mean to Shop Local?

When you purchase Love Grub for your dog, you're not only contributing to their health, but supporting a healthy community as well.  Shopping locally provides local jobs, supports the local tax base, and contributes to the local pet food pantry to help those in times of need.  In a world where it's hard to find the truth, it's important that we have your trust. We're your neighbors and just a phone call or email away.  

At Love Grub we encourage you to Shop Local and Love Like A Dog. 

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We’d love to hear from you! Please email us and we’ll respond just as soon as we can. If you have a question that needs immediate attention, please call (785) 371.6601.

Eric Spurling
Owner, Love Grub