We know just how much you love your dog, and that's why we developed a line of high quality dog food and treats at an affordable price. What you feed your pet really matters and you can count on Love Grub as a trusted, local company.

Dog Food in Lawrence

What we feed our pet matters. They depend on us to provide a balanced diet needed for a strong, healthy and long life. Knowing every ingredient, where the ingredients come from, how the food is made and packaged and more... this is all important and so difficult to know for sure.

Love Grub was founded by Gary and Angie Rexroad with a mission to make an exceptional, small batch food and make it available in the Lawrence Area. We have designed the recipes, take great care with the ingredients and the process to assure only the best food finds its way to your best friend

‚ÄčLove Grub dog food and Treats are completely unique on the store shelf in a plain white or brown Kraft bag. Lower cost and recyclable to keep the planet green and your wallet too.